PreShoot Interviews with Some of Our Models

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About Our Interviews

Before each shoot we like to spend some time getting to know the model. We try to make it conversational and ask them about their interests, jobs, school, boyfriends, and even more intimate questions, if possible. We believe this makes the experience more enjoyable because it allows you to get to know the model somewhat before the shoot - she is no longer just a pretty face and beautiful body, but more of a person.

We continue to interact with the models during the shoot and try to have as much fun as possible. It is important to be relaxed and open with the model during the shoot to gain trust and to make the shoot more entertaining. Anyone can just pay a seasoned model to pose.

We plan to post some of our interviews here for everyone.

Modeling Shoot Videos

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About Our High Definition Video and Photo Shoots

After the interview, we begin the video shoot. We are often in different locations and environments so the situation changes from time to time, but the process is generally the same. We start with mild, JCPenney poses, if you will. We try to get as creative as possible, often going outside and in public if we can.

Then we move into the lingerie and bikini modeling. We have the model pose in all of our "favorite positions" and the tease gets to be somewhat overwhelming. If the model is comfortable, we get them to do nude poses in our "favorite positions" as well. This continues until we have spent a good amount of time.

We then push the envelope and try to get more risque footage. Visit our site and you will get an idea of what we mean. We can't always get the "risque" stuff but I assure you we do our best. Sometimes it is a process - an expensive process!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Newest Recruit - 20 year old Kelly

I went all out on this shoot to impress Kelly and get some really great modeling pictures. It took me nearly 2 months to recruit her. I had to convince not only her but her girlfriend and guy friend that I was for real. I told her to dress up like she was going out for a night on the town and to bring several lingerie outfits. She took it a bit overboard and went to get outfits just for this shoot! I wanted to take some shots in the casino but the security wouldn’t let us in because she wasn’t old enough…Maybe next year? We started out with public shots in the lobby and hallways, had a nice interview, took some glam shots by the hotel window that overlooked the city, and did some naughtier stuff. She will be on our site soon!

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About Us

We specialize in high definition video interviews of women ages 18-25 in various forms of undress. Visit our webpage at or for high definition videos/picture sets.

More about us and how we are different...

We personally recruit every single model. This helps to ensure that the footage we get is truly of amateur girls that have never been filmed. Some models are shy at first and will only go topless, but once they get used to us and enjoy themselves (and the money) they often decide to go further. Up until this point we have done this just for fun while in college and on a very limited budget. Now we are deciding to take it to the next level (the web) to get your help.

Because the videos are shot in high definition (either 1280 or 720) we have broken them down into scenes for individual download. Before you purchase a video you will be able to watch a preview video, and view screen caps and descriptions for each scene. Most videos contain scenes that together make up an hour or more of high definition video footage. Each scene is about 8 to 12 minutes in length and between 100 and 300 mb. Along with the video footage you will receive with your purchase, we are throwing in a zip file full of all the photos we took during the video shoot for FREE.

We want our site to be unlike any other site out there. Our goal is to make you a part of our team, supporting our recruiting efforts to get the hottest, most amateur girls. We have a proven recruiting strategy, but we need your support to make this even more successful. Please don't hesitate to spread the word about our site to help build our exclusive community.


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